Daily Archives: September 20, 2018

The Auto Industry’s VHS-or-Betamax Moment

The auto industry has a choice to make: Which language will cars speak when they talk to one another? Until a couple of years ago, automakers agreed on one vehicle-to-vehicle communications platform, called dedicated short-range communications, or DSRC, based on the technology used for Wi-Fi. But some car companies have …

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NASA’s TESS Starts Collecting Planets

Somewhere among these grains of celestial sugar and powder puffs of cloudy light there is a planet, perhaps many planets, perhaps even Earth 2.0, as astronomers sometimes call the object of their dreams — a terrestrial look-alike to our own world, a “Goldilocks” place not too hot nor too cold, …

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Frenchman Shares His Home With 400 Reptile Roommates

COUERON, France (Reuters) – In an unassuming house on France’s River Loire, a cobra lives on the coffee table, a 50 kg (110-pound) tortoise roams the garden and a two-meter (seven-foot) alligator sleeps in the owner’s bed while another keeps watch at the door. Stephane Mahe / Reuters Over two …

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