Ranking The Best New Shows You Can Watch Right Now

AMC #4. Better Call Saul / AMC The 5-word plot: Lawyer struggles with brother’s death. Pro:  Much like its forebearer, “Breaking Bad,” this show keeps getting better with each season. After a slow start, “Better Call Saul” now feels electric. If you were disappointed at first, consider coming back. Con: All prequels …

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What To Watch On Hulu That’s New This Week

“Jiro Dreams of Sushi” debuted in 2011. Netflix added the movie to its streaming platform in 2012, when selection was sparse. The documentary became somewhat synonymous with the early days of Netflix streaming. Now, six years later, you can watch it on Hulu, too. The documentary focuses on the sushi …

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What To Watch On Amazon Prime That’s New This Week

Streamline recommends “Disobedience” as the thing you should watch on Amazon Prime this week. Amazon adds this movie on Aug. 25. “Disobedience” debuted in theaters in 2017. The movie stars Rachel McAdams and Rachel Weisz as two forbidden lovers in the Orthodox Jewish community. The community essentially banished Ronit Krushka …

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What To Watch On Netflix That’s New This Week

Also New This Week: Nine Netflix Originals, but most of those don’t look too interesting. Netflix has been relentless in adding Originals the last few weeks, but almost all of them have been mediocre movies or cheap docu-series. That basically happens again this week. Perhaps most notable: A new teen …

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