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Tips from a CEO and careers expert

But doing so can be easier said than done. Just who are you supposed to call on and what are you supposed to ask? One person who has relied heavily on mentors to steer her career is 36-year-old Jayna Cooke. Her mentors guided her through the ranks at Groupon before …

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This Two Billion Year-Old Natural Reactor May Hold The Key To Safe Nuclear Waste Disposal

The Oklo-reactor in Gabon, Africa is one of the most intriguing geological formations found on planet Earth. Here, naturally occurring fissile materials in two billion year-old rocks have sustained a slow nuclear fission reaction like that found in a modern nuclear reactor. Image by Wikipedia/ ShinRyu Forgers, CC BY-SA 4.0ShinRyu Forgers Uranium-235 is …

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Advocates sue to block Arkansas’ Medicaid work requirement

Advocacy groups sued Tuesday to block Arkansas’ Medicaid work requirement, two months after they won a federal ruling halting Kentucky’s similar waiver program. The new lawsuit in U.S. District Court in Washington, D.C., challenges the CMS’ approval in March of Arkansas’ five-year demonstration requiring Medicaid expansion beneficiaries ages 30 to …

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