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Jeff Bezos Cites a Big Number, but Few Details, in Plan for Low-Income Montessori Preschools

With little else to parse, Montessori leaders pored over Mr. Bezos’ brief statement, which described the planned schools as “Montessori-inspired.” The term “Montessori” is not copyrighted, and any school can choose to describe itself as such. Some research, however, shows that Montessori classrooms that hew closest to the original principles …

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Hey, Alexa, Defrost My Peas

SEATTLE — If you’re one of the millions of people without a smart speaker in your home, Amazon wants to talk to you. On Thursday, the company announced not one, not six, but more than a dozen devices for its Alexa voice assistant — all meant to solve problems in …

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Inside Facebook’s Election ‘War Room’

MENLO PARK, Calif. — Sandwiched between Building 20 and Building 21 in the heart of Facebook’s campus, an approximately 25-foot by 35-foot conference room is under construction. Thick cords of blue wiring hang from the ceiling, ready to be attached to window-size computer monitors on 16 desks. On one wall, …

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