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Africa: Famine and the Machine

analysis By Ben Parker In the runup to a 2011 famine in Somalia that killed over 250,000 people, there were 78 warnings. Last year famine nearly happened again, not only in Somalia but in Yemen, South Sudan, and West Africa’s Lake Chad region. Now, a multi-billion dollar venture is betting …

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Africa: Karmzah, the Superheroine With Cerebral Palsy

By Kylie Kiunguyu World Cerebral Palsy Day is observed every year on 6 October. Cerebral palsy is a neurological condition that is the largest cause of childhood disability. To remedy the lack of disability representation, Farida Bedwei launched “Karmzah!”, a comic book that features a heroine with cerebral palsy. Cerebral …

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On Africa Trip, First Lady Reveals a Trump-like Side

CAIRO — Back home, Washington was in turmoil, but the first lady had something on her mind. On one of the most consequential days of her husband’s embattled presidency, as the Senate approved his controversial choice for the Supreme Court, Melania Trump traveled to the edge of this sand-colored city …

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