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Kofi Annan, Diplomat Who Redefined the U.N., Dies at 80

He was credited with revitalizing its institutions, crafting what he called a new “norm of humanitarian intervention,” particularly in places where there was no peace for traditional peacekeepers to keep, and, not least, in persuading Washington to unblock arrears withheld because of the profound misgivings about the body voiced by …

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Keïta Gets 2nd Term as Mali President With Runoff Victory

Ambroise Dakouo, an analyst from the Alliance to Rebuild African Governance, said that the low turnout during elections reflected disillusionment with the political establishment, consisting of a rotation of “the same elites” who are unaccountable to their constituents, the majority of whom are poor and illiterate. “Corruption is a very …

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Briton From Sudan Is Named as Suspect in London Crash

LONDON — The police in London on Wednesday identified a Sudanese-born Briton from Birmingham as the driver who had plowed a car into three people and crashed outside Parliament, leaving the authorities trying to pry a motive from a suspect they said was uncooperative. The Metropolitan Police said a 29-year-old …

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