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Eagle lands on fire truck during 9/11 tribute

An eagle surprised Andover, Minnesota, firefighters by landing on their aerial truck during a September 11th tribute.


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  1. Okay, that's eerie and incredible

  2. This actually brought tears to my eyes… shows there is still hope for this country. I dont know why but I just feel it

  3. This is amazing! God bless our country ❤🙏 Land of the free because of the brave🇺🇸 Freedom isnt free. Never forget!!

  4. That's probably the single most patriotic thing a person could experience on a day of remembrance. Thank you eagle, you are an inspiration.

  5. Now that was amazing! 🦅🇺🇸🇺🇸

  6. Here before the entire nation sees this

  7. The eagle is paying his own tribute 😭😭

  8. I hope everyone realizes that this is not over with yet….. !!!

  9. Don’t cry because people die, Smile because they are in heaven.



  12. Trump is the hate we have in this country

  13. Long may she wave, and God bless America.

  14. True sign God is looking over America

  15. Prayers to everyone lost and their family and friends. I lost someone I loved that day…

  16. Wow I'm surprise the towelhead Obama wasn't out there trying to shoot the bald Eagle and then blame it on Trump or a poor country. I don't understand why people still think it was Osama binladin when it can be proven the the Bush's and most like the top spank of them all Hillary.

  17. Wow this give me chills 🇺🇸 🦅

  18. Find the guy who thumbs down this video. He's obviously a terrorists.

  19. Pretty sweet. I wouldve crapped my pants if right then and there that thing started waving the ol stars n stripes

  20. I will never forget that day. Even though I was several hours away working in Cincinatti, i could feel the ground beneath my feet shake when the first tower fell. I couldnt wrap my 21yr old mind around how could someone do such an awful thing to thousands of innocent people? Something popped in my head that I heard long before, but now made perfect sense. "There is only a certain peace to be had, that is on the other side of war"

  21. I was passing by the eagle and I actually have a picture of it and I found it amazing

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