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Eclipse 2018 astrology: Everything to know about August eclipse and YOUR zodiac | Weird | News

The August New Moon will pass in front of the Sun on Saturday morning, August 11, starting at 8.02am UT (9.02am BST).

Tomorrow’s marks the third eclipse event of the summer and the fifth and final eclipse of the year.

According to astrologer Barbara Goldsmith, of YourAstrologySigns.com, the eclipse is a time of discovery, romance and fire.

The horoscope expert told Express.co.uk: “The eclipse in Leo is all about finding your authentic self.

“What do you feel passionate about? What brings out your creativity? What would you do even if you were not being paid for it?

“What did you last do as a child? See if you can bring out your playful qualities.”

The partial eclipse will appear in the constellation Leo the Lion which is ruled by the power of romance.

Mrs Goldsmith said tomorrow could be a good time for you to seek out a new relationship because “you might be lucky at this time”.

There is a good chance you may have already felt many of these feelings in the run-up to the eclipse, according to the astrologer.

Mrs Goldsmith said the effects of an eclipse begin to take effect a few weeks before the astronomical phenomenon peaks.

The astrologer added the effects could linger around for another six months.

She said: “This can be a great time to start a new business, to embrace your entrepreneurial ability.

“If you have a hobby or an idea that you’re excited about, this is a good time to launch it.”

The eclipse will also bring to light things that have been hidden such as gifts and talents that you are unaware of.

But there is also a darker side to the eclipse, one that could have dire ramifications around the globe.

Mrs Goldsmith said: “As this is a fire sign, we may see some more heatwaves breaking out globally and especially in places we don’t expect them.

“Fires, volcanic eruptions, earthquakes and anything involving heat may be activated at this time.”

According to astrology website Astro Butterfly tomorrow’s eclipse concludes a two-year-long cycle of the eclipse in Leo and Aquarius.

This should mean unanswered questions you may have had over the past two years will finally come to a conclusion.

The partial eclipse is supposedly linked to the July 31, 2000, solar eclipse and a July 20, 1982 eclipse.

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