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Hurricane Florence expected to strengthen as it nears the East Coast

Hurricane Florence weakened to a tropical storm overnight but continues to creep closer to the United States is expected to regain strength as it nears the East Coast.

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  1. 😭😭 I love all y'all humanS in in NC ✌️I HOPE US EAST COASTERS DON'T DIE

  2. I will do videos of hurricanes and tropical storms if they affect St Petersburg Fl again this year (2018). I could not do any last year for Irma because our power was out for a whole week. OBTW I have survived every hurricane, tropical storm, wild fire, water spout, tornado, and every other wicked weather this State has thrown our way for over 33 years. Tropical Storm Debby 062412 Pt 3

  3. Start prepping people, it is going to be hairy this season. Those invests are getting super favorable conditions and are very low to the equator, so their bend will happen closer to land. Hopefully Florence doesn't pull an Andrew and never bend up, prep up North Carolina!

  4. Pennsylvania here with a birthday party on Sunday for my kids 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️

  5. Chemtrails , Chemtrails, Chemtrails 😵🛫

  6. Good I hope it slams the east coast of Florida right where trumptard has his golf course then come over and…it can drown Cape Coral too…

  7. Controlled weather …just like the time God permitted Lucifer/satan to destroy Job's family Job 1:18,19 with wind. Or Luke 4:5,6 satan uses others to manipulate weather : see 1979 COMPTROLLER GENERAL OF THE U.S. REPORT on Weather Manipulation. The U.N. N.O.A.A. ARMY, AIRFORCE, all mentioned along with HOMELAND SECURITY involved with manipulation of International, and domestic weather. H.A.M.P. OPERATION by HomeLand Security carbon nano-particulates used to enhance storms into hurricanes, along with steering them into desired zones of contact. Stay awake neighbors, you never know about this one. Matthew 6:10 God's Kingdom of the future is the ONLY answer to all the devil-manmade troubles of the present.

  8. I sing think so! I curse these storms with my blood, soul, and spirit

  9. Control the money control the weather control the world

  10. I live on the east coast in Pennsylvania

  11. I'm a Survivor of Hurricane IRMA which scared the shit out of me cause I'm originally from EL Paso, TX 🇨🇱 i lived in Orlando, FL for 6 yrs so please take this Hurricane Florence CAT 3 soon to be possibly CAT 4 !!!! I no longer live in FLORIDA IRMA Was enough for me and my last Relocated back to EL Paso, TX 🇨🇱 👍🏽 !!!!!

  12. Don't trust what they say. Prepare for the worst. Stay safe. Hurricanes do what they want.

  13. I live in East coast in Cleveland Ohio

  14. I live in North Carolina,better get my bread and milk

  15. She means northern track……she said easterly……lol

  16. us north carolinians fina get raped in the ass

  17. Yall pray for me. I live on the Outer Banks and I’m probably fucked.

  18. Im like right on the coast of south Carolina… im gonna die.

  19. I live nyc so I won't be affected by this but I hope everyone is going to be safe.

  20. We Carolinians are totally f**ked

  21. I live in sc I'm dead oh no my houseeeeeeeeee

  22. What never ceases to amaze me is that people are probably going to die, yet they have a week right now to get out of the way.

  23. Praying that it hits a Red State Shit Hole and drowns all these stupid Trumptards…May Goy ear our prayers !

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