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John Oliver Appeals To Florida In The Most Florida Way Possible

One in 10 adults in Florida can’t vote because of laws that keep many felons from the ballot box long after they’ve served their time. That could change in November when a constitutional amendment that would restore voting rights to most felons will be on the ballot.  On Sunday’s “Last …

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This Dublin Block Tells the Story of the City

He was particularly inspired by an American expatriate named Dennis Severs, who lived in a Georgian house in London around the corner from Fournier Street until his death 18 years ago and turned it into a private museum. The “museum” was, in fact, a kind of time capsule that Severs …

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Shopping for Desk Accessories – The New York Times

Shopping Guide Putting your work space in order isn’t just about getting organized — it should also make your work more fun. Image Desktop organizers — pencil cups, trays, staplers, tape dispensers — aren’t there just to help you work better or faster. They also represent an opportunity to bring …

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The Health Impact of Undescended Testicles

“We know guidelines recommend surgery by 18 months, but studies show many boys are not operated on by that time. In our study half were later, in others even more,” he said. The doctors taking care of babies need to be more aware of the guidelines, he said, and parents …

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A Battle Plan for a War on Rare Diseases

a Conversation With… Dr. Matthew Might is developing a strategy for people seeking treatments for little-known ailments. ImageDr. Matthew Might prepares to take a walk with his son, Bertrand, who has a rare genetic disorder.CreditCreditBob Miller for The New York Times A decade ago, when their son Bertrand was still …

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Using Tai Chi to Build Strength

Tai chi provided superior benefits to other fall-reduction approaches like physical therapy, balance exercises, stretching, yoga or resistance training. Tai chi, in effect, combines the benefits of most of these: It strengthens the lower body, improves posture, promotes flexibility, increases a person’s awareness of where the body is in space …

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