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Parkland shooting survivor at Kavanaugh hearing: I hid underneath my lifeless classmate

Aalayah Eastmond, a survivor of the Parkland school shooting, told her powerful story to senators during Brett Kavanaugh’s hearing.


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  1. It's the youth of today causing all this gun violence , it's not the guns…and Kavanaugh didn't shake the guys hand because he probably didn't know who he was , it's not like the guys famous and all over the news everyday and so what if he didn't shake his hand , he specifically went there to protest Kavanaugh , again the left showing its hypocrisy…

  2. Just another day in school. Being shot at and killed by deranged, gunman. Hope the future is kind to her.

  3. Young lady, I empathize with you regarding a traumatic experience.
    Unfortunately our educational institutions no longer teach civics. I suggest you seek this knowledge at your local library.
    The wise words of John F. Kennedy –
    Ask not what your country can do for you
    Ask what you can do for your country.
    You are a free & sovereign citizen. Our freedom was gained by determination & might by armed citizens.

    In the day's of the old west we had decent respectful citizens and criminals/murderers much like today. The only difference in today's world is Thug Rappers & a corrupt gov't that imports drugs/weapons like Obama, Clinton's, McCain, Rahm Emanuel and other's who also employ criminal gang's like MS13 to sell those drug's & kill on your street's.
    Every American, young & old, must learn self-respect & decency. The govt can't give you that.
    One day you may need to protect yourself & your loved one's from a leftist tyrannical govt or one of their paid hoodlums. If that day comes you will be grateful you didn't allow the tyrannical left to infringe on your God Given Right's. Right's they have no authority to breech.
    Also in today's hearing pay attention to the criminal justice arguments & ask yourself why they want to shorten sentences for violent offenders.

  4. This has absolutely nothing to do with kavanaughs judgeship stop grandstanding and virtue signaling

  5. Once again the Parkland students brought out as a political tool. Its getting harder and harder to feel for these kids when people like David Hogg try to politicize it.

  6. What a wonderful young girl. Hopefully she will be able to grow up in a safer environment so she can go out in the world and make a difference!

  7. You think bullets are deadly, wait till those airlines who's bringing the upgraded flu to your schools. You can run from or fight back a bullet but you got know where to run from the flu

  8. It doesn't matter sweetie anymore because they will put in who ever will sellout to their own in a heartbeat to take these guns . A civil war is coming and the people that you think would be pro guns for all aren't exactly that . Because they have bodyguards and drones with even bigger guns . So who would care about gun rights when you are blessed with white privilege . And they don't want their own people to be blessed with that right of having guns because they are trying to tax and gentrify cities . Yes wealthy white people hate black people . But that hate more white middle class main Street Americans with a passion . And that's the irony .

  9. Geez the handshake, and there were several school shootings under Obama but of course it never gets brought up

  10. George W. Bush: 8 years = 2 Supreme Court Justices
    Barack Obama: 8 years = 2 Supreme Court Justices
    Donald Trump: 2 years = 2 Supreme Court Justices

    By my calculations, Donald Trump is 4x as efficient as either W. Bush or Obama.

  11. Damn .. Build the wall…… 😁😀

  12. im a gun owner..i leave it in my house every day. why should i lose my right? i havent done anything wrong. committed no crime. the left hates freedom/liberty.

  13. Does this young lady know about Fast n Furious?
    Does she know Obama & Eric Holder purposely sent weapons in America across the border for murders in an effort to ban our guns?
    Those weapons killed many innocent people & a border agent.
    Does she know that every school shooter was already reported to the FBI & they allowed shooting to happen?

  14. “Stricter gun laws can save us all”

    *Laughs in 3-D printer*

  15. Just wondering how much they're paying her

  16. This is absolutely disgusting 1.) to use a tragedy for political gain 2.) this morons grand speech is based on a flat out lie about Judge K shunning a parkland survivor which didn’t even happen. Some random dude approached him and he didn’t even know who the guy was and security stopped him. It’s this kind of dishonesty by the media and lying that got you trump. Shame on the media for giving this girl a voice when her entire speech is based on dishonesty and then running with the story despite it not being factual whatsoever

  17. This shit sounds like she's reading a book. I doubt she wrote this. I also don't like it when they put chemicals in the water that turn the frogs gay

  18. Thats horrible and I hope she nor any other child experiences this again.

    Still going to fight to keep my second amendment right though. 🤷‍♂️

  19. Pretty disgusting to see children used and promoted by known and named pedo's, to attempt to take down the very people trying to arrest the pedo's. The 'donor's of this 'movement' read like a who's who of the indictment list. Does she care? No. She's interested in making her debut and the 'donations' really help.

  20. Another whiney spoiled brat. Guns aren't going anywhere so get off that train. Instead of blaming, how about you stop bullying kids you don't like? Every school shooter attacked because he was bullied into oblivion. Stop treating people who are there to learn like shit. I know you've done it and your friends have done it and you all pointed and laughed. None of you are innocent and you kids got what you deserved. I wish he could of gotten more of you, enjoy living with the experience you went through for the rest of your life.

    Good luck in the new year of school. 😉

  21. Trumptards will always defend the wrong.

  22. Her tone is grinding my gears, it sounds like she’s using her story to make Kavanaugh look bad with her irrelevant story. “If he doesn’t have the decency” does every politician have to have ‘shaking the father of a victims hand’ under their belt to be decent? And realistically, in what circumstance would either the politician or the victim/relative have any interest in arranging this event? Nobody needs to justify supporting the constitution.

  23. These young people will be in charge pretty soon… and angry at society’s lack of concern for them. These are not rebellious hippies

  24. What good will a gun DO, if u r not expecting a bullet when it is approaching U ???

  25. Why the hell is this victim speaking at Kavanaugh confirmation? The Dems are treating this as a parole hearing and she was a “victim” of a Kavanaugh crime. Now we see what the father was up to when he pulled the “handshake stunt”….

  26. “When will we have stricter brick control legislation? And what about swimming pools? The senseless slaughter must stop”……

  27. I had a goldfish stolen at a State Fair when I was 8 years old. Can I make a statement too….?

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