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Polar bear shot dead after injuring cruise line worker

The death of a polar bear in the arctic is the latest incident to spark outrage and concern over wildlife tourism. A Hapag-Lloyd Cruises guard fatally shot the animal after it injured another guard.

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  1. Poor Polar Bear!!!!They Deserve Better!!

  2. Woe onto humans the destroyers of earth 🌏.

  3. Sad…DID you know???? POLAR bears are the most dangerous bear on the planet….Their the only bear that only eats meat…all other bears will eat berries and fruit….no berries or fruit in the north pole

  4. that guys a pig for killing the bear,the bear didn't kill any one,why kill the bear for nothing?😡

  5. This makes me mad they shoot the poler bear

  6. Ppl these days just need to know there place and they NEED to stop ✋

  7. THIS SITUATION is SO WRONG on so Many Levels!! It would be different if the Bear had the same opportunities to invade Our Lives & environment but again, it's the Human invading theirs!!

  8. Should have killed the worker instead. The Animal is worth more than the worker.

  9. To all of you tourist who feel like they just have to observe a polar bear "UP Close And Personal" take that thought off your bucket list!!!! Want to see one safely, go to a Zoo and even that thought shouldn't be on anyone's bucket list, it's just one more astrosity towards wild animals.


  11. Ok so ban people from traveling. Good idea.

  12. They should ban these money grabbing asswipe cruises to the region. It will help the world, less pollution.

  13. So much for Animal kind huh? Once proving vikings coming in onto other people and animals natural land killing off nature and thinks there isnt gonna be repercussions. Smh. This is shame. Here is idea stay your asses on your own land. How abou that idea and just maybe you wont have to deal those nasty migrates! Smh. Just wow. Then what you gonna say your not at fault for extinction. Oh no nothing will happen to us. God laughs and places a new breed of animal on the land deadlier then then first. Just wow. Smh!

  14. Please join our new group "no cruise traffic in vulnerable nature"

  15. That's so sad why would he do that 😭😡🙀😿

  16. There should be a law to kill the person who would kill an animal for no reason….what were they thinking 😐

  17. SERIOUSLY??! It's NOT a fkn pet! The tourists should get shot! Fkrs stay away

  18. 😥 and there goes the last polar bear!!
    mother fuckers, hi didn't do anything to you!! YOU dumbass!! 😡

  19. Polar bears are known man eaters…..not sure they are good for tourist attractions…

  20. For no reason whatsoever, let's put 10 polar bears in Hapag-Lloyd's headquarters and let them kill an employee…

  21. Polar bear is greasy and not very enjoyable.

  22. Hope people boycott the cruise line. People should not go anywhere if they can't respect things other than the shit they live in, hope someone shoots the worker

  23. I hope they didn't just leave the bear there. You better make some polar bear tacos or something… eat what you kill!

  24. That bear would eat you and your children given the chance. They hunt humans

  25. What’s with you people?
    A humans life is far greater than that of a bear. Why do I always read these stupid “ poor bear” comments or worse “stupid human should have been shot or killed by bear” comments. The hell is wrong with you.
    Picture yourself in that mans situation, wouldn’t you want someone to value YOUR life over an animals regardless of how the situation came to be?
    There isn’t a person alive with a shred of sense that would say ‘yeah no don’t kill the bear – it’s my fault. Please allow him to drag me off and eat me alive. I should have known better”.
    No one. No one who is sane would think way.
    Kill the bear and save the human.

  26. Trump And NRAs Fault…Go Ahead, Scream it Libtards.

  27. There are 7 billion people. Really? A polar bear is less important?

  28. Why was the cruise person off the ship in the first place the bear was just minding his business they should have let the guy get eaten by the bear. What is this world coming to where a white man is allowed to infringe on other people's rights then shoot an unarmed bear. He should be charged with murder because the bear was in his own house and the white man was breaking and entering.

    He will be doxed. The evil white man will never be forgiven for his cruelty against the bear

  29. Somebody comes into the bears home, he gets pissed and then shot dead for protecting his home. What a bummer.

  30. The bear on its natural habitat? Why would a guard be *on it? If the guard had been? Bear protecting young? Was the bear on Hapag property? Where was the injured guard? On Hapag property? If not? They have a problem.

  31. Let us all take a moment to reflect on our actions and its impact on the environment. Our irresponsible lifestyle has killed not just one by many animals. None of us are saints and we are all equally responsible for the degradation of the planet. Criticizing the cruise ship is hypocritical as we are all equally responsible.

  32. Yeah, how. Out just don't go ashore if there's even a remote possibility of having to kill a bear. It's a beautiful gift and responsibility. Should respect their space.

  33. This shit makes me sick! Someone should have to pay for killing this bear. Stupid, stupid, stupid f**king people! I hope wildlife comes to the backyard of this shooter and does considerable damage to his family.

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