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Ricin sent to the Pentagon, but what is ricin?

The FBI on Tuesday was testing letters sent to the Pentagon after screeners detected a suspicious substance, according to the Defense Department.

Another letter addressed to President Donald Trump at the White House was intercepted by the Secret Service and was being investigated, according to a statement released by the agency Tuesday afternoon.

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  1. This is being ignored by the liberals

  2. Hmm…🤔. No antidote, huh?


  4. So dumb….scary ricin sounds like fakery…dam that's just puzz

  5. Rice can be made into sushi bites, rice with chicken, rice with beans are always good side dishes

  6. We all saw breaking bad and don’t need to know what ricin is. We could, alternatively, just google it. The real question is who sent this and are they related to the people who sent fake poison to Ted Cruz on the same day? Something tells me the left wing media would rather ignore those questions because they’re afraid of the answers.

  7. We have seen Breaking Bad. We already know everything taught in this video…

  8. Return to Sender, fake news HQ or Demoncrats HQ.

  9. An attack on mr. trump or a breaking bad wannabe????

  10. If I were poisoned by ricin I’d probably call for help before I washed my laundry.

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  12. North Korea needs to play safer 😂

  13. Of course the FBI are investigating – DUH !!! How comfy is that – when the WORLD IS LAUGHING AT AMERICA !! Please ….. Come on United States ….. Everyone deserves 15 mins . of FAME …. Any other takers ???

  14. H20 sent to the Pentagon
    what is H20?

  15. (Insert butthurt Incel conservative comment here)

  16. I thought for a moment that the caption wrote: what is a rasin.

  17. Covering for assassins?
    Very American

  18. It's probably corn starch. They'll use it to take away yet another liberty or engineer consent from the public for some other war.

  19. Tell how its made MEDIA WHORE PUPPET MORONS!

  20. Quit sending dumb packages and figure out a way to be more radical. Change doesn't come by making the same old mistakes. Live and learn. Get people to vote. Do something worth your while.

  21. Muh breaking bad…

    The brainwashing has been successfully implemented.

  22. They should of sent it to CNN or Stephen Colbert

  23. The mail might not have been delivered but I'm sure he got the message

  24. Yeeks!
    More detailed, and thoroughly horrorifying, info, please.

  25. Stuff grows wild near me.

  26. I love the stock footage they bought instead of shooting the whole thing themselves.

  27. Being a natural by-product in small controlled does it could destroy things like Cancer cells, like apricot seeds do!,,

  28. I only clicked on this because it was from the news channel, heard the news on wanted to find out what it was.. didn’t want the boys at my door

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