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Times Square reacts to new presidential alert system

People in New York’s Time Square had mixed reactions to the new presidential alert system sent out nationwide.

“THIS IS A TEST of the National Wireless Emergency Alert System. No action is needed,” the “presidential alert,” managed by the Federal Emergency Management Agency, appeared on smartphones at 2:18 p.m. EDT.

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  1. it pisses me off first it woke me up second if i see a flood coming or a earthquake ill know i dont need uncle sam in my phone now.. someone get this repealed we have enough of them intruding on our lives

  2. First thing I thought was “the purge is coming soon!” But now I know that trump is in my phone! 👌🏻

  3. I forgot to turn off my iPhone amber alert notification today😡. It reminded me of Jim Jones’ siren calling for his followers to come drink the poison kool aid👿

  4. Last thing i need is orange turd humping my phone.
    Hes actually managed to make the word "president" a shameful one most peeps care to avoid…gotta hand him credit- managed to do that in under 3 years.

  5. I confirmed my Presidential Alert and heard a Russian guy talking. It was crazy!

  6. I GOT IT IN CLASS 😭😭😭😭

  7. Yeah… This won't get abused…

  8. I was sitting in a Construction site outhouse taking a Huge Crap when the Alert came on my phone. SCARED THE SHIT OUTTA ME!

  9. What’s a national emergency? Aliens 👽? Is that why they keep talking about space force?

  10. It say he can "now" send alerts even though its been there for years already.

  11. I don’t mind it, they do it on the radio and tv.

  12. I did not get the notification? I think my phone was off

  13. Lol I was in class taking a test earlier today when suddenly all of our phones went off. It was so quiet and then we heard beeping noises. We immediately checked our phones and one of my classmates said that this was the end. Sounds like everyone was startled!

  14. Presidential alert

    Global emergency
    LIGMA has spreaded around the world and is a cause from fortnite


  16. I didn’t get it??? I have the iPhone 8 anyone else not get it

  17. Trump is planning to tweet via EAS. Sad.

  18. i thought it was a terrorist attack. scared the 💩 out of me

  19. my phone didn't make a sound, the notification I received was silent.😐

  20. thank god the sound didnt go off when I got it

  21. Republicans love keeping us in fear

  22. Bet you his first national text is “coochie?”

  23. Nice way to ruin during a movie lol
    Everyone phones starts ringing then everyone said "sh" to each other

  24. so in my 6th hour (Reading) my phone had went off and it scared Everyone even though our 5th hour teacher told us It scared the hell out of me

  25. Thank god I had emergency alerts off or my phone would be gone cause I was in class 😂

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